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Jeffeersonville Indiana Wedding Video
Additional Production Hours   $75

Wedding production on Blu-Ray Disc (3)  $125

Wedding video production copy delivered on Digital Media Drive.  This is a form of guarding the material against format changes and would be comparable to purchasing your photographer's negatives.  $200

Photo Montage Creation Per Image  $1
(Approximately 30 images per song)

Projection system / Projector SD  $50


Candid Photography DSLR
We have shot non-setup wedding photography for those who have small events who do not require studio type flash/lighting setups. Please note, for this service we do not make prints, we leave this up to the purchaser.  We provide digital images.

Pre-wedding video for display at reception.
Includes lighting package, microphones etc.
3 hours of production time and editing.  $400

Same Day Edit for display at wedding
reception.  Your wedding production will
include on-site editing of the pre-wedding
events all the way up to and including the wedding ceremony itself  This live montage program is set to music and includes video effects and transitions which are set to music. Program is edited at the reception immeadiately following the wedding ceremony.  Program will be ready for display at your reception approximately 2 hours later!  $650

Travel- We do not charge travel charges for wedding video events within 25 miles of downtown Louisville.  Outside this area we charge approximately $1 per mile traveled.