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Scott and Kerri Pettinger Wedding at WoodHaven Country Club, Louisville Kentucky
It doesn't get any better than this for an October wedding, especially for one which was going to be outside.  October can be kind of a tricky month for weddings.  Fall can be unusually hot, cold or rainy depending on the particular year.  Fortunately, even though rain had been called for, Scott and Kerri's wedding day had some of the best weather of the entire year!  There was a nice cool (not cold) breeze and the turning leaves fell beautifully that day.  This was everything you hope for when planing for a fall wedding.  

Even though our planning window had been short the day before, we assured Kerri that we had produced enough outdoor wedding video that this wasn't an issue.  Actually, outside of knowing ahead of time exactly where the wedding ceremony would take place on the grounds of the Woodhaven Country Club and the approximate layout of the event, we didn't need a whole lot of information.  We did get the name of her DJ Company so they could be contacted about a live feed from the sound board.  

In all, we ended up with three sources of sound at the wedding ceremony, the DJ feed from the microphone used by the humorous officiant, a shotgun microphone and our own groom microphone.
Following a photo session on the grounds of the Woodhaven Country Club, Scott and Kerri exchanged vows with family and friends in attendance.  As noted before, their officiant was one of the more entertaining leaders of a wedding event we have witnessed in twenty years of doing wedding video production.

For this wedding, we decided to try a new approach to lighting by upgrading our professional on-camera NRG lights to LED.  This makes a huge difference in the weight of the battery we have to carry around just for the lighting.  We were initially worried that the change of the lights would be too weak compared to the original.  None of this happened, in fact the new LED lights were actually brighter than the original.  This was great news because the NRG lights are much higher quality than most new plastic LED lights companies purchase.

The lighting covered everything perfectly, from closeups to entire medium sized areas.  Proper lighting is extremely important when covering major events at a dimly lite reception.  Even though we tend to cut the light off for crowd dancing scenes so it's less intrusive, it's an absoute must for those special moments. 

I'd like to thank Kerri and Scott for making us part of their special day and for their warmth.  Both gave me a hug when I saw them after the wedding and I'm so happy that this "perfect day" will be perfectly saved for them going into the future.  A Fall wedding day that goes so wonderfully needs to be preserved.

To see footage from the event, see it in our Films Section.